Give Wings To Your Website With CMS

Are you one of those who are burning the night oil to modify your website and are learning the likes of Dreamweaver, HTML and what not to change a few lines?

Yes, it often gets frustrating and tedious with these conventional web designing techniques. But, don’t worry there is someone there to rescue you. It is the CMS

What is CMS?

CMS or Content Management System is a user-friendly program that can help you edit and add your website content without any technical expertise. You need to contact your web designer to get it integrated to your website.

The best part of CMS is its accessibility as it can be used from any computing device. Apart from the above listed advantages it is cheaper as now you can shape your content yourself without paying a web developer every time. It also adds agility to your businesses as it lets you to add photo galleries, shopping carts, blogging page etc.

There are many types of CMS systems available in the market nowadays and you can choose that fits your needs. Open source CMS is widely used and recommended as it can be downloaded for free and can be adapted according to the code of your existing website.

Some open source CMS are:

• Joomla – If you are aiming for a site with a professional outlook and have non geeky operators than Joomla will satisfy you by leaps and bounds.

It is one of the most widely used CMS which helps to build websites and powerful web applications. It can be used for websites of all shapes and sizes. For example, corporate sites and portals, E-commerce sites, social networking portals, small businesses to even school and community portals etc. Joomla offers a variety of out of the box features from personalizing options (permissions), adding images and files, helping users to navigate through popular search items, creating different menus and templates and above all a user support system. It is available in a variety of world languages you can choose according your need.

• Drupal – If you have a medium to small business and have a short time to market your product than Drupal is for you. It can help you in building everything from your personal blogs to enterprise applications and numerous pre configured themes and modules to suit your style and target audience. Drupal provides extra functionality through modules hence more development friendly if compared to Joomla which works on plug-ins concept. It is very much SEO friendly and takes your product to a different level when it comes to marketing in a shorter time. Overall, it is a good CMS but it can only be operated by people who have basic web development understanding.

• Magneto – If building a catchy online portal or e-shop is giving you headaches than magneto can create magic. It comes with built in features like promo pricing, coupon codes, shopping carts, payment and shipping options, catalogue browsing, customer support options and what not. The best part is that all this is a 100 percent SEO friendly and comes with Google site map support.

• WordPress – If faster the better, suits your work dimensions then WordPress CMS is all there to assist your business. It provides simple and quick online publications. WordPress is flexible and can be used to create any kind of website from professional to personal. It comes with a wide SEO reach and is the best CMS, in case you want to create a blog as it is available with a lot of themes and features.