30 Aug

Being a victim of any crime is a very traumatic experience, and its imprint can last forever. Often, you have to undergo through a lot of difficult times to get through. If you were hurt physically, the first thing you need to handle is getting healed and recover your healthy body. It is perhaps the easiest thing you will have to go through, getting past emotional recovery is often the toughest and most challenging part. Handled carefully, you may recover fully, but if not managed well, it could leave a void in your personality forever. If you are a victim, no matter what the crime is and you want to recover, there are different steps you can do. You may also seek the help of crime victim services to get rid of any reminder of that terrible time, or if you have no one to run to or if you have the urge to seek outside help, you may opt for counseling. However, here are some of the things you need to remember when recovering from a crime.

Going Through Different Waves Of Emotions

Remember, it is normal to feel differently, for weeks, months or even years. Your emotions might surge, and you feel like you are not yourself anymore. You have to keep in mind that most people go through three different stages before they recover. Embrace it. Yes, the experience could be dangerous, terrible even but if you try to control much, the consequences might come at a later part.

The Shock

It is the initial stage of recovery. Most of the time, you won’t understand how you are feeling. You can even feel different emotions at the same time. It is possible that you feel angry and depressed at the same time. You may feel like it didn’t happen or you may feel confused on what happened. You may deny everything and refuse to accept that it did happen.

The Acceptance

After some time, depending on the victim and her recovery, things would start to sink in. It could merely take days or weeks, or it could be as long as months or even years. It is this time when you finally accept what happened and know that you can’t change anything from the past. It is often the time when you start to feel like you need to move on and get along with your life.

The Readjustment Period

It is the final stage of recovery. It is the time when you start to try living your healthy life again. It is also the time where you take precautions so it won’t happen again. Often, you can seek the assistance of your loved ones to get your routine back to normal. If you are traumatized and have a fear of going out, you can start by doing things for yourself at home or letting your loved ones help you out. Say for example, instead of going to the salon for a haircut, hair removal or nail polishing; you can do it or ask for home service. There are many other things you can do while you are on the stage of recovery. Take things slowly but surely. Do not get impatient; everything has its timing.