Are Free Websites Any Good?

The answer to all those questions is “Yes”, but some free websites are better than others. They all run on databases containing the content of your website which is displayed in web pages using templates which you choose. They are known as content management systems (CMS).


According to a recent survey by W3Techs, WordPress has a content management system market share of 54.8%. The next is Joomla 8.7%, Drupal 7.2%, vBulletin 3.5%, Blogger 3.5% and Typo3 at 2.1%. Another 47 have between 0.1% and 2.0% and a further 70 have less than 0.1% of the market.

So WordPress is the most widely used content management system. According to WordPress over sixty million people have chosen WordPress.

WordPress seems to have far more choices of themes or templates, over sixteen hundred themes on the WordPress site alone plus many other independent sites listing their own themes.

A big advantage is the number of “plugins” covering every possible requirement by a web master. These extend the functions of a website. Plugins include ecommerce, forms, galleries, media, SEO, cache and needful things you have never even thought of. There are some twenty-three thousand plugins.

Would WordPress suit a business?

Because of a number of high quality ecommerce plugins, WordPress will suit a business. However a large business with a million products would justify a custom designed website with custom designed ecommerce.

The WordPress themes or templates are all customizable so no two websites will look the same even if they use the same theme.

A large business would employ its IT department to customize its content management system. Many businesses use WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal in that way.

Easy to install

The well-known content management systems, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and others, can be installed with a few clicks from inside the hosting control panel. Less popular systems may need to be downloaded from another site and uploaded to your site.

It’s true that a default home page of your website will be online in minutes, but that’s before you add your content.

Easy to use

WordPress is the most popular CMS because it is easy to use, but they all work in similar ways. You just type or paste your content into the editing screen for each web page. Images can be uploaded from within WordPress and sized to suit.

In WordPress, if you get tired of a theme, you can switch to another without losing any of your text or images.

Plugins can be installed from the WordPress dashboard. But if changing from one ecommerce plugin to another the product details may need to be exported first and imported into the new plugin.

Are websites portable?

Because they are all on databases from which the content can be exported and the images that you upload can be downloaded, all CMS websites are technically portable.

You can transfer your website to any host who uses the same CMS.

However it may not be possible to obtain the content and templates from such sites as Weebly, MrSite, etc. who own the templates.


Site builders and CMS allow people to create websites without any knowledge of HTML coding or programming.

Every modern website should have a content management system so that the web master can easily keep the website updated. It does not matter whether the CMS is free or you pay a web designer to provide it. You should have one.

Is Hiring A Sitefinity Developer A Good Decision?

Updating the content of your website is the most important step that you need to keep your audience engaged. And this becomes easy when you choose to go for a reliable and expert team of developers and of course the right CMS for your business. There are plenty of CMS available and if you are willing to consider a paid content management system, then nothing can be better than selecting Sitefinity development. The moment you come to know about your requirements, you can do your research to find a good team of Sitefinity developers, which can take care of all your needs. There are many leading companies that have a strong virtual presence and they have usually extensive experience in Sitefinity development. Once you choose such a company having years of experience in the industry, you will obviously be able to enjoy various benefits.

Sitefinity is a robust open framework CMS that is based on the Microsoft Dot Net technology that helps to create fully dynamic and editable websites. Since in this competitive business environment, it is imperative to have a full functional website that offers advanced features and appeals to the customers, hiring dedicated Sitefinity developers to work on your project is the best option.

Some Advantages of Hiring Certified Sitefinity Developers

Understand your website requirements: It is very important that each aspect of your website is clearly understood by the developers before they start creating the website so as to involve more customer engagement. Certified Sitefinity developers help organizations to understand the purpose of the web portal so that they can derive the most out of their portal. Since the developers are experienced in designing a wide range of master pages and themes, it helps them to establish a robust online presence and brand identity.

Build an optimized website: An optimized website is one of the most important aspects that need to be considered to drive web traffic. Sitefinity developers can easily understand your business requirements and develop a 100% optimized website that works on all devices. Optimized website often helps to attract potential customers looking for specific products or services and this helps the companies to boost revenues. Every enterprise knows that a web portal that is properly optimized for the major search engines help them to attain their prime objective.

Make the site more user friendly and reliable: You may often notice increased bounce rate if your site is not user-friendly or reliable. Choosing Sitefinity developers will help to build a user-friendly and reliable site that will keep the visitors hooked. This helps to reduce the bounce rates and also enhance the reliability in the eyes of major search engines and this increases the rankings. Creating a reliable and user friendly site is extremely needed to gain the trust of the customers.

Knowledge of the latest trends and technologies: Technologies keep on changing every now and then and so web development has also changed in the past few years. Hiring certified Sitefinity developers help an organization to be aware of the latest trends in this field and help develop a site that allows organizations to generate a high ROI. The developers are in fact aware of how the web portal should be developed as per the demands of the market.