26 Dec

When commercial property solicitors work with clients, they focus on ensuring that all transactions achieve their financial objectives and adhere to the law. Solicitors are able to provide assistance in many different situations, such as sales and purchases, renovations and property developments. They can also assist with deposit recovery, loan financing, tenancy agreements and other tasks. If you are searching for a good solicitor for your specific project, there are a number of things that you should look for:

Openness and Transparency

Look for solicitors who are honest, open and straightforward. They should explain things in a simple and easy to understand manner, without using a lot of jargon. Some firms attempt to dazzle clients by using a lot of jargon and complicated explanations. Although they are trying to appear knowledgeable, in reality this type of behavior only causes confusion. You want to find solicitors who are primarily concerned about the welfare of their clients, and not their own image. A good solicitor will strive to make things easier and more understandable for his or her client, not more difficult and confusing. Solicitors who are open and transparent will be forthcoming about their rates, and will provide honest opinions about your case.

Experience in the Industry

A solicitor, as well as his or her firm, should have plenty of experience in the industry. Inquire about their experience, such as how their careers have developed and how long they have been in practice. Inquire as to the types of cases they customarily handle. Pay attention as to whether the cases they have handled in the past are similar to your specific issue. It is best if one of the firm’s specialties is commercial property transactions, so that they will be knowledgeable about resolving those types of issues. Ideally, the solicitor and firm that you choose will have handled a lot of different types of transactions in the past, so that they will be able to handle your issues with expertise.

Performance Metrics

Look for a firm that has a good record of successful cases. Ask them about their performance metrics. For instance, how many cases do they typically receive each year? Of these cases, how many were resolved, and what was the outcome? Good solicitors have the skill, diligence and experience that enables them to settle a high percentage of their cases – frequently as high as 90%. Because their clients are pleased with their results, they tend to hire them again when they have other projects. If you want to gauge the overall public satisfaction with the firm, ask how many of their cases are repeat business.

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